Credits as an Assistant Camera (selection):

2015 - Die Einsiedler - Feature Film - DoP: Klemens Hufnagl - 2nd AC

2017 - Rockstars zähmt man nicht - TV Film -  DoP: Sönke Hansen - 2nd AC B-Camera

2017 - Servus Baby - TV Series - DoP: Jan-Marcello Kahl - 2nd AC

2017 - Ich Ich Ich - Feature Film - DoP: Jesse Mazuch - 1st AC

2017 - Nevermind Polly - Short Film - DoP: Katharina Schelling - 2nd AC

2017 - SOKO Wismar - TV Series - DoPs: Andreas Tams, Sabine Berchter, Constantin Kesting - 2nd AC & B-Cam Focus Puller

2018 - SOKO Wismar - TV Series - DoPs: Jakob Ebert, Till Müller, Constantin Kesting - 2nd AC & B-Cam Focus Puller

2018 - Amaro - Short Film - DoP: Alessandro Ubaldi - 1st AC

2018 - Swisscom eSports - Commercial - DoP: Jan Bormann - 2nd AC

2019 - SOKO Wismar - TV Series - DoPs: Andreas Tams, Till Vielrose, Rudi Schröder - 2nd AC & B-Cam Focus Puller

2019 - WaPo Berlin - TV Series - DoP: Carl Finkbeiner - B-Cam Focus Puller

2019 - Without Remorse - Feature Film - DoP: Philippe Rousselot - 2nd AC 2nd Unit

2020 - Jackfruit - Short Film - DoP: Sarina Laudam - 1st AC

2020 - Telekom 5G - Commercial - DoP: Carlo Jelavic - 2nd AC

2020 - WaPo Berlin - TV Series - DoP: Constantin Kesting - 1st AC

2020 - SOKO Wismar - TV Series - DoPs: Jacques Kesting, Rudi Schröder - 2nd AC & B-Cam Focus Puller

2020 - Paradiso - TV Series - DoP: Frank Griebe - 2nd AC B-Camera

After getting his master degree in Environmental sciences back in 2008, and after working for several years first as a journalist, then as a project manager at the Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige, in 2013 Christian left his comfort zone which was located in Bolzano, Italy, and decided to move to London, UK.

Once there, he attended a short Documentary filmmaking course at Met Film School in West London. The beginning of his career in the British capital was quite tough and rewardless, and after two years Christian moved to another vibrant capital, Berlin.

Here things changed quickly, he got in touch with many interesting and talented people and soon he gained lots of experience on set, both as an Assistant Camera on big productions and as a Cinematographer on smaller gigs. Some of his works have been screened at several film festivals around the world.

Every project, small or big, is a big learning occasion for Christian, who is known on set for his good mood and his unstoppable passion for sweets and cakes.

"Once I was asked why film is art.  I answered that it's the sum of many kinds of art, from writing to sculpting and painting, from acting to creating music and sounds. All then goes into creating an image that suits and enhances all this crafts, and that's why I love cinematography so much." 

(Christian on a very inspired day)